Stand Up Stand Out

**RMKB Proudly Presents SUSO13, kicking off in March 2023. If you want to participate, email us at now!

In 2017, Robert and Kerry McCallum set out with the idea of raising money for local charities. This was a great year for RMKB as we rolled out our first Stand-Up–Stand-Out Charity Event. We offered a FREE 8-week training program aimed at complete beginners to take them from zero to hero in the space of 2 months.

RMKB created the ‘Stand-Up-Stand-Out’ event. We invite anyone who is a total beginner with absolutely zero experience, 18 yo+ to train for free and at the end of the 8-week training period, compete in an officially sanctioned Charity Fight Night, in a professional boxing ring with a professional WKC Referee, against a suitable match (weight, age, height and ability).

We raise awareness and funds for charities, as well as improving the well-being and general health of anyone who gets involved with RMKB. Every one of our novice competitors has loved the 8-week journey and the experience of competing in a full-size boxing ring in front of a live audience with friends and family. Not only did they learn kickboxing; they lost weight, changed their diets and lifestyles, made new lifelong friends, found a new passion for kickboxing, and shared a truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

To date, RMKB has hosted eleven Stand-Up-Stand-Out Charity Events, welcoming 140 competitors to take part and the results have been remarkable. The cumulative weight loss of all competitors currently stands at 82 stones! Absolutely in credible!

RMKB has raised funds for these charities at our SUSO Events:

  1. ACCORD Hospice – £6,280
  2. Brightest Star – £8,612
  3. Little Sisters of The Poor – £5,100
  4. Malawi & Autism Scotland – £4,750
  5. Rainbow Valley – £5,980
  6. Rosie Veronica – £7,980
  7. Justice For Jonny – £5,400
  8. Suicide Awareness – £4000
  9. Autism Scotland – £4,900
  10. CHAS – £5,900
  11. Stroke Association Scotland – £4,825
  12. Diabetes Scotland – £3,900

These events are incredible and positively impact the charities involved, the individuals who’ve taken part, and the community as a whole. It’s a life-changing experience, so get involved in the next one – SUSO13 kicks off April 2023!

Interested? Give us a call now on 07877 801 906