Stand Up Stand Out

RMkb set out in 2017 with the idea of increasing charitable donations to local charities. This was a great year for us at the academy as we rolled out our first Stand Up - Stand Out event for chosen charities. The idea of this was to offer an 8 week FREE training programme geared to toward complete beginners and taking them from zero to hero in an 8 week period.

RMkb came up with the idea of the Stand Up - Stand Out event which consists of anyone over the age of 18 enrolling on the specific dates given and training from complete beginners to be given the opportunity to compete in a boxing ring at the end of that 8 week period against someone their own weight, age, height and experience.

Stand Up Stand Out Charity DonationsStand Up Stand Out Charity Donations

Initially we set out thinking this could be good in many different ways. We raise awareness and funds for charity as well as improving the lifestyles and general health of anyone wanting to be involved in martial arts. Each and every one of the novice competitor’s loved the 8 week journey and the whole experience of being in that ring in front of friends and family was simply a fantastic feeling for them and one they may never experience again. Not only did they learn to Kick box, the overall results whether it be weight loss, dietary, socialising, making new friends, or even finding the enjoyment of Kickboxing more than they ever envisaged, was simply brilliant. 

To date, we have carried out 11 events in total. This has seen 122 competitors taking part and the results have been remarkable. This has seen a cumulative weight loss of all competitors totalling 60 stone!

Charities listed below:

  1. ACCORD Hospice  - £6,280.00

  2. Brightest Star  - £8,612.00

  3. Little Sisters of The Poor  -  £5,100.00

  4. Malawi & Autism Scotland - £4,750.00

  5. Rainbow Valley - £5,980.00

  6. Rosie Veronica - £7, 980.00

  7. Justice For Jonny - £5,400.00

  8. Suicide Awareness - £4,000.00 

  9. Autism Scotland - £4,900.00

  10. CHAS -  £5,900.00 

  11. Stroke Association Scotland - £4,825.00

These events have been incredible and have brought so much to all these different charities as well as the individuals who have taken part in them. It has been life changing for some of them.

Please keep tabs on our website and our social media pages for news on future events and registration. These evets are phenomenal and bring so much satisfaction on many different levels.