Junior Classes

What is the Juniors?

The RMKB Junior Programme is primarily a Kickboxing programme, with self-defence skills, techniques, movement, timing, speed work, bully prevention methods, stranger danger awareness and so much more! These classes are from 7 years and above.

We also teach our juniors the difference between verbal and physical attacks and ensure they are adequately trained in dealing with both situations. We always teach our juniors that physical confrontation is the last resort and to try all other avenues before resorting to a physical self-defence. We also believe in having a great time! It has to be fun and we need to be enjoying ourselves to want to train and keep coming back!

Martial Arts will Benefit your Child by:

  • Developing their Self-Discipline
  • Boosting their Socialization Skills
  • Encouraging Physical Activity
  • Teaching your Child to Set and Achieve Goals
  • Increasing Self-Esteem
  • Instilling a Sense of Respect
  • Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Developing Teamwork Skills
  • Improving Other Areas of Their Life

When Can My Child Train?

Our Juniors Curriculum is a programme designed for 4 - 13 year olds to ensure your child gains the benefits and successes from our syllabus. You can choose from the following days each week to train:

  • Monday 17.30 - 18.15
  • Tuesday 17.30 - 18.15
  • Thursday 17.30 - 18.15
  • Friday 17.30 - 18.15
  • Saturday 9.50 - 10.30

What does The Juniors Training involve?

In all our classes at RMKB we encourage fun and enjoyment within the classes. However, we drive our students and encourage continual improvements in all areas.

We use lots of equipment in classes such as Light Bags, Heavy Bags, Kick Shields, Focus Pads, Body Armour, Speed Balls, Blocker Pads and so much more. This means classes are always exciting and full of energy with everyone having fun!

Each class the juniors will focus on our core martial art skill and syllabus and once they have obtained the needed level, they will be rewarded by examination with the view to obtaining their next graded belt. Your child will be on our programmed 5 year journey to go from beginner to Black Belt.