adult classes

RMKB Adult Classes

At the RMKB Academy, we want to offer as much as possible to all our students so they can try different aspects of the martial arts and keep your training varied and as exciting as possible.

All our Adults classes are for beginners as well as the advanced student. Your fitness level, ability and age are irrelevant at RMKB as we work with you to help you reach your personal goals!

We are constantly changing the class plans to keep the training interesting and dynamic. Each class is designed to help with the other so they all feel linked and still works towards your greater objective!

All classes focus on Syllabus, fitness, Sparring, Timing, Movement, Speed works as well so you will always leave with a sweat and a sense of accomplishment!

Our sparring classes cover all areas of fighting. This includes, Point Fighting, Light Continuous, Full Contact, Boxing and K1. This is rolled out to all of our students from junior level through to adults.

The most important goal of RMKB is to have fun and meet new people!

Focus Pads & Fitness

This is one of our most popular classes!
A really fun stress busting class, which gives you a great workout and a chance to improve your techniques. We vary the classes to keep you interested and always wanting to come back for more! One day it might be one of our awesome circuits, another day it could be a kick shield class or another day you could be doing boxing techniques on the focus pads! Either way you are leaving the class covered in sweat and happy!


Our Kickboxing classes start with a warm up, which will prepare all the major muscle groups in the body for the upcoming training session. The core portion of the class will work on the fundamental principles and techniques of kickboxing. This will consist of blocks, punches, kicks, footwork, combinations and body mechanics from our very successful syllabus we have developed over the years. We make sure classes are always different to ensure that you keep your body and mind interested which will ensure longevity in your training.


K1 is very similar to Kickboxing but we can use Knees, Low Leg Kicks and Clinch Work! The main equipment we use in these classes is Thai Pads and Kick Shields! These are really fun classes and develop a really unique skills set and again what a fun, fantastic workout!

Kicking Drills & Skills

These classes are brilliant to really get a chance to stretch out your leg muscles and focus on your kicks! Each month we focus on a particular kick and give you all the information, drills and skills and help to develop that kick!


If you want to develop your hand skills then these classes are ideal for you! Each week we focus on something different to ensure you are always having fun and improving your skills. We use Focus Pads, Heavy Bags and lots of other fun equipment!
A really great workout while developing a fantastic skill!